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Our Policies

Shipping Things to Know

What about Shipping, Costs, Information and Communication?

MEXtraordinary.com always provides professional packing, crating (when appropriate), shipping and insurance on every customer order. . Because of the additional cost of providing professional packing, shipping and insurance services, we cannot provide them for FREE ; there will be a charge of $19.95 USD on all orders .

Products purchased at MEXtraordinary.com will ship direct to you from our international fulfillment center in Mexico. The times of shipping will vary based on the products ordered, there availability schedule and the region of Mexico from where they are created for you. All the MEXtraordinary! products are hand-made to order for you once your order is placed. For fulfillment of each product, we will estimate and inform you of the timeframe for delivery. If we determine that we will not be able to deliver within the timeframe promised to you, we will immediately contact you by email and give you the exclusive right to extend the period or cancel your order.

Because we use international shippers such as Estafeta, FedEx, UPS and DHL to deliver most of our shipments, we cannot ship to PO Boxes or APO/FPO addresses. Please be sure to provide us with a verifiable physical street address for all of your orders.

Orders containing more than one product in a single MEXtraordinary! order will be shipped as soon as all items from the order are available. Currently, it is not possible that items be shipped as they become available instead of together in one package unless specified when ordered or when you receive a product availability update of a product delay. This only applies to orders with multiple items that come from different regions of Mexico or are combined with special or custom orders that cause delay. Orders from different Mexican regions will be shipped out as soon as all items from each region are available for one consolidated shipment. You will always receive one package when you order from multiple MEXxtraordinary! regions unless specified by you. You will also always be notified concerning any delays beyond the estimated time of delivery.

Shipping costs for most MEXtraordinary.com items are based on the volume (weight and size), quality of service and shipping service selected for the item. Shipping estimates for every product are provided on the MEXtraordinary! website when you order.

MEXtraordinary.com ships to many international destinations so it is important to note that the customer is solely responsible for all duties, tariffs and clearance fees for orders shipped to addresses outside the United States.

An additional service fees will be applied to all orders where:

  1. You provide us 'with an APO or FPO or Post Office Box (PO Box) address has been provided by you as your shipping address in place of the required physical address. PLEASE NOTE: We cannot deliver to APO or FPO or PO Boxes addresses. We require a physical address on all orders.
  2. An incorrect or incomplete address has been provided by you and your package is returned to us as undeliverable
  3. You provide us with an invalid or incomplete address such as: incorrect zip codes; incorrect state or country information; typographical mistakes or mistakes made by you in delivery information at the time of your purchase.
  4. Any actions that result in an additional surcharge from the shipping company: like a move or change of address that results in a refusal to take livery or and any other non-delivery of an order due to wrong or change of address information.

An additional fee of US $12.00 for handling charges plus any costs related to re-routing, forwarding, or redelivering your order will be billed to you. There will never be a charge for any shipping address changes that are made prior your order being shipped or mistakes on our part.

Where is it? Tracking Your MEXtraordinary.com Order

MEXtraordinary.com will email you an order update and shipment tracking number so that you may track the progress of your package. Updates generally are issued within 7 business days after an order is made and a tracking number will be emailed within 2 days of your order being shipped. If you have not received an update or tracking number and would like to know the whereabouts or progression of your order please email us at vipservice@mextraordinary.com and reference your order number. We will always get all pertinent information concerning your order to you immediately!

Your Shipments have been Refused or Unclaimed?

Please note that a USD $25.00 fee (per package) will be assessed on your account for all refused shipments. In addition, you will be responsible for any return shipping charges assessed by the shipping company. In addition, for all non-United States deliveries, you will be responsible for any import charges/duty/VAT or other import taxes that may be levied on your refused or unclaimed shipments, this will be in addition to the costs return shipping. Shipping costs cannot be refundable on any refused or unclaimed shipments to you.

- - -

Please order carefully and provide your complete and correct physical address information. We are sorry but MEXtraordinary.com cannot be responsible for any address mistakes or misinformation given by you.

Fair Trade

MEXtraordinary.com practices FAIR TRADE! Hereís howÖ

MEXtraordinary.com was created to offer artists and product producers a unique and robust direct to consumer marketing system for their products that produces a fair profit to the artists for their work. The direct to consumer system also provides savings to you over suggested retail other would charge. The base price of every product featured by MEXtraordinary.com is set by product producer or artist after they have calculated their overhead costs and projected their required prices based on the profit margins they desire.


How can I pay MEXtraordinary.com for my order?

Itís easy! MEXtrordinary.com payments are made through Pay Pal through their secure server. We accept all of the many means of payment provided and accepted by the Pay Pal system.

Do I owe tax on my purchase?

In the US no sales tax will be collected on any MEXtraordinary.com orders. All items sold at MEXtraordinary.com are shipped from our international fulfillment center in Mexico so sales tax is not due for orders being shipped to the US or several other participating NAFTA Treaty countries. In any other countries that do require tax, any taxes on the purchased products and or shipping services will be the sole responsibility of those purchasing the products.

Hassle-free Returns

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed on Returns!

MEXtraordinary.com wants you to be excited and completely satisfied with every purchase you make, but if for any reason you are not, we want to quickly resolve things for you quickly.W believe that lifeís too short to be frustrated so our goal is to compliment the uniqueness and craftsmanship of our extraordinary quality hand made Mexican products with quality VIP Customer Service. Eres muy importante para nosotros! Siempre! You are always very important to usÖ and will be treated that way!

Fair Treatment and Quick MEXtraordinary Order Returns:

Complete product refunds will be available for up to 30 days from the day we ship your order. To assure yourself a fast and hassle-free return process, please email our VIP Customer Service Center at vipservice@mextraordinary.com and explain the nature of your dissatisfaction and request a Returning Merchandise Authorization Number (RMAN) during this 30-day period. Youíll get fast service from us at vipservice@mextraordinary.com. This will qualify you for a refund and provide a tracking number to streamline the process for all of us. If your return is a result of a mistake that MEXtraordinary.com has made, we will pay for the return of the merchandise and will refund all applicable shipping costs paid on your returned products.

If your return does not reflect problem caused by MEXtraordinary.com and you just changed your mind, we will still happily help you. However, you will be responsible for all shipping and packaging costs incurred for your order plus any costs associated with returning your item(s). When returning any product to us we suggest you send your return using a reliable carrier that offers tracking so we can all know where your package is (such as UPS, FedEx, or Registered Mail). We also strongly encourage you to insure your package when you return it since you will be responsible for ensuring that all items arrive in their original condition to our VIP Customer Service Center. We regret that since most every piece is hand-made specifically for you, we cannot make any refunds or exchanges after the 30-day period has expired. Special or custom orders and/or services, such as engraving for example, cannot be returned. It is almost impossible to find a person with your same tastes and name to take your product. Weíre sorry about that.

Orders You Return Purchased with a Promotion Code:

If you have used a promotion code on an order and later decide to return all or part of that order as a result of a mistake by MEXtraordinary.com, we will gladly send you a special VIP Promotion Code for a future purchase on the site. If the return did not result from a problem or mistake caused by MEXtraordinary.com, you wonít be unable to re-use the original promotion code. Our system automatically limits the use of any promotion code. Additional VIP codes take special steps to issue.

Exchanging a Gift You Have Received:

If you have received a gift purchased from MEXtraordinary.com and would like to return it, no problem. We want you to be excited about your gift! Just contact our VIP Customer Service Center at vipservice@mextraordinary.com a Returning Merchandise Authorization Number (RMAN) from our VIP Customer Service department during the 30-day period following receipt of the order. As soon as the return is received, we will issue you a Gift Credit Certificate for the full amount of the original order, minus the original shipping charges, at that point you may make a new selection from any of the MEXtrordinary! products on our site. And the person who sent you the gift will never know you returned the gift . . . unless you tell them.

Gtting Your Credit on Returns Quickly:

If you made your purchase by credit card, your card will be credited for the full applicable amount within 10 business days of receipt of the returned merchandise. If you paid by check or money order, you will receive a check from MEXtraordinary.com for the full applicable amount of the return by mail within 2-4 weeks (or faster if possible) after the returned product has been received at the MEXtraordinary.com VIP Customer Service Center in the United States.

Exchanging Your Purchase for Something Else on MEXtraordinary.com

If you are interested in exchanging one product for another, not a problem! You will need to return your unwanted item(s) that you would like to exchange. You will be credited for your purchase then you simply submit a completely new order for the product you would like to purchase. This will assure your complete hassle-free satisfaction!

Restrictions and Notices on Refunds and Returns:

Refunds cannot be made if the returned products have been damaged, show signs of use or wear or have been altered in any way before arriving at our VIP Customer Service Center.

We cannot provide refunds or return privileges on any custom orders, special services or gift certificates.

IMPORTANT! Please always use the original packaging when returning any item. This will help assure that your return will arrive in the same condition it was in when you received it.

MEXtraordinary.com reserves the sole right to deny a refund to anyone who makes an excessive number of returns.

MEXtraordinary.com cannot refund any purchases or fees that relate to special orders, special handling, engraved products, special packaging or gift certificates.

Steps for Quick and Easy Product Returns:

  1. First, secure a Returned Merchandise Authorization Number (RMAN) by email from our VIP Customer Service Center at vipservice@mextraordinary.com. To get your RMAN you will need to indicate your order number from your original invoice or tracking document, the name of the product purchased, product ID number, your name and email address, physical address, phone and the reason for the return. The reason for return is very important so please give us as much detail as possible. We never want your dissatisfaction repeated so you help here would be appreciated. You will receive a quick reply from the MEXtraordinary.com VIP Customer Service Center with your RMAN along with detailed return instruction of how to proceed with your return. Please save your RMAN correspondence as from time to time our management will also follow-up with you to assure the quality of your treatment.
  2. When returning merchandise we recommend that you use reputable international shipping services with shipment tracking, such as UPS, FedEx, TNT, or DHL. We always recommend strongly that you insure your shipment, as you will be responsible for ensuring that all items arrive at our VIP Customer Service Center in its original condition.
  3. For quick trouble-free service always be sure that you to include your complete information in your package of returned merchandise: (1) your RMAN number provided by our VIP Customer Service representative, (2) your name, (3) email address, (4) mailing address, (5) phone number AND (6) a copy of the original MEXtraordinary.com invoice. Any additional feedback you can give us on the reasons for your return, your treatment from our personnel and other input you can include to help us serve you and others more effectivey i he future.
  4. Once the merchandise has been received at our VIP Customer Service Center, your credit card will be credited for the applicable amount. If your original payment was made by check through Pay Pal a check will be written in your name and mailed to you. If you would like to order another item in place of the returned product, you can do so through our VIP Customer Service representative.
  5. Please check your returning products well as refunds cannot be made if the returned products have been damaged, altered, or in any way showing wear before arriving at our VIP Customer Service Center.

Wrong Price

Oooops! Mistakes in Pricing or Cancellation of Your Order:

MEXtraordinary.com reserves the right and sometimes has to cancel an order before the order is shipped if one or more of the following conditions apply:

  1. Your credit card is declined by your financial institution.
  2. The billing or security information you provided for your credit card does not match the information on file with the card issuing bank.
  3. Abuse use or misuse of any promotion code or gift certificate, including any action prohibited by or in violation of the terms and conditions of that particular code, like, the prohibited combining of codes and other such violations.
  4. Mextraordinary.com product pricing mistakes do happen sometimes. We donít do it on purpose but because of the large number of products we carry occasionally a product may be listed with an incorrect price. If a product is ordered a a price lower than the correct price we will contact you and to give you the opportunity to pay the correct price. If paying the correct amount is not your choice, we reserve to right to cancel your order and refund you the purchase prices of the product. If the amount you have paid is higher, we will give you the choice to receive a credit, gift certificate or refund of the overpaid balances.

NOTICE: Your order will only be final once MEXtraordinary.com has confirmed that none of the conditions listed above apply to your order.

Your receipt of an order number or a confirmation email does not guarantee that an order will be fulfilled if any of the above conditions apply.

Canceling Orders

Easily Canceling or Modifying Your Order:

As soon as you place an order it is promptly sent to the international fulfillment center in Mexico and an immediate order to fulfill your order is sent to our artists. Therefore, it is only possible to guarantee cancellation or modification of an order with three (3) working days after your order is received. However, we always try to work with our customers best interests in mind, so please contact us at vipservice@mextraordinary.com and we will do whatever possible to stop or change the fulfillment of your order. Please note that in the case of special or custom orders like metal sculpture, sculptured or stained glass or copper and silver mirrors, we cannot cancel your order after work has started on your piece.

Damaged Merchandise

Help! Dealing with Damaged Products, Incorrect or Incomplete Orders:

MEXtraordinary.comís goal is to be sure you are completely pleased with of the quality handmade Mexican products you purchase. If you any products you receive are damaged or are if they are the incorrect item or part of your order is missing, please contact us immediately by emailing us at vipservice@mextraordinary.com. When you email us please always include: (1) your name, (2) order number, (3)email address (4) a contact phone number (5) a convnien time range to reach you (Example: 5-8 pm Central time). Also when emailing us always provide us with as much detail as possible about your situation so we may quickly address the problem and help to get it solved.

We will always be happy to quickly replace any damaged merchandise, assuming a replacement is available, or we will provide you with a store credit or full refund, including all shipping costs.

If you have receive a product other than the one you ordered, we will quickly send you the correct product to you at no additional charge or at your discretion provide you with a full refund or store credit including all shipping costs.

In a case where any products may be accidentally omitted from your order, MEXtraordinary.com will ship the missing products to you as soon as possible at our expense and no additional cost to you.

Copyrighted Material

Other Information Regarding Copyrights, Conditions of Use and Disclaimers

The use of materials in the MEXtraordinary.com is exclusively for your private and personal browsing, shopping and entertainment. The MEXtraordinary.com website and all of its content are copyrighted materials, protected by United Sates and International copyright laws. The condition of your use of the material is personal and private not public or commercial. The MEXtraordinary! and MEXtraordinary.com names and logos are US and International trademarks of Missions Imports, LLC. All products, processes, marketing or technology displayed or described in the MEXtraordinary! website are or may be the subject of other intellectual property rights reserved by Missions Imports, LLC and/or its partners or vendors. They are not licensed for your use. By entering and the use of this website you agree not to duplicate copy or change any part of MEXtraordinary.com its content or images; including copying; reproducing, changing or modifying any names, trademarks and logos, descriptions, explanations or other copy points which MEXtraordinary.com owns or has the right to use through agreement with its artists or vendors or licensors.

The website, including its photography, images, site design, presentation and product descriptions and/or explanations, may be downloaded to your own computer and printed to no more than 12 copies solely for your non-commercial personal use, under the conditions that copyright, trademark, or other proprietary notices are not deleted, altered or changed in any way and remain affixed in its entirety. Any modifications of the MEXtraordinary! website, or its published materials or the use for any other purpose than those outlined above without expressed written consent of Missions Imports, LLC or MEXtarordinary.com will be a violation of international law and the intellectual property rights of MEXtraordinary.com.

Everything you may download and view from the images and data, to the software that drives it remains the exclusive property of MEXtraordinary.com and Missions Imports, LLC and its partners venders. All of the designs, photographic images, product descriptions, published, trademarked or copyrighted materials and site copy and associated intellectual property rights remain the sole property of MEXtraordinary.com, Missions Imports, LLC and/or its vendors and/or artists.

MEXtraordinary.com material may not be represented in any form, duplicated or copied, disassembled, changed or converted to any other form or distributed without the expressed written permission from MEXtraordinary.com, Missions Imports, LLC, and where applcable its partners and vendors.

Itís Your Purchase but Their Design and Craftsmanship - Artist Copyright Information

The artists we partner with to bring you Mexicoís most extraordinary products and art pieces work hard to be original and provide you their very best. All products and product designs are owned solely by the individual artists and/or their companies and are or may be subject International copyright laws. No product design or artwork may be reproduced or replicated in any form or portion without the expressed written consent the individual artist and/or their companies and/or MEXtraordinary.com where applicable. All images and photographs contained in the MEXtraordinary.com website are owned or licensed by MEXtraordinary.com and are only available to you for the exclusive purpose of your viewing entertainment and to preview products for sale. No image or portion of any image may be reused without the express written consent of MEXtraordinary.com or, where applicable, its partners, vendors or licensors.

Enjoy but donít take advantage of them... these folks are absolutely MEXtraordinary!

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